Mary Kubica’s latest thriller

An ICU nurse struggles to stay emotionally detached from a case in Mary Kubica’s latest
thriller. Work-life is already challenging for Meghan Michaels, as she balances being
recently divorced and being present for her teenage daughter. An apparent suicide
arrives at the hospital one day, and the patient, Caitlin, suffers from head trauma and is
comatose from a high fall. Meghan’s curiosity has her wondering why someone like
Caitlin would want to end her life. It gets a bit complicated when a witness reveals
details about the fall that put to doubt the suicide attempt scenario. Was Caitlin pushed?
Does searching in Caitlin’s past put a target on Meghan’s back? At least Meghan has a
high school friend she hasn’t seen in years back in her life to help navigate her
tumultuous emotions.

“Kubica does a terrific job playing with the reader’s expectations in the story, as it’s what
she doesn’t write that says so much. Meghan and her daughter are characters to root for,
and the ending is genuinely unexpected as the twists are shocking and numerous. You
will not be sorry to find and read this thriller.”

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